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Ukrainian Style & Values

Ukraine as an
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13 September 2022, from 2 pm
Berlin State Library

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Home/Land (Yuliia Meliksetova & team)
C4C charity concert 220504

Valfair Bridge Forum 13.09.2022


Since February 24, 2022, Russia has continued the aggression that began in 2014 against Ukraine with a war of aggression, which obviously not only serves territorial conquest goals, but is also directed against Ukrainian society and its cultural identity. Probably only very few people in Germany and other western countries are familiar with it the historical development and the current state of Ukraine, with the self-image and lifestyle of the Ukrainians, with their values ​​and with their cultural, scientific and economic achievements.

The Valfair Bridge Forum “Ukrainian Style & Values” shall therefore contribute to a better knowledge and understanding and promote connections in all areas of civil society. This charity event marks the beginning of a Silk Road of good values, which leads from the Ukraine via Poland to Germany and back.

We are convinced that Ukraine will win in the end and will thus also defend our common values!

Slava Ukraini!

This  event contributes to charity fundraising and to:

>> Presentation and promotion of cultural identity as well as social values ​​and healthy value creation in Ukraine

>> Promotion of civil society cooperation between Ukraine, Poland and Germany

>> Presentation of Ukrainian products and services

Questions & Answers

Facts and insights – what you should know about our great European neighbour

A trialogue panel round with Ukrainian, Polish and German experts will discuss some of the most burning questions about history, presence and values of Ukraine and its relationship to Europe, especially to Poland and Germany.


Presentations & Performance

Culture <> Science <> Economy ...
and some food, of course :-)

Talk to Ukrainian, Polish and German people, see some very interesting books and products as well as video clips and presentations on screen and enjoy selfmade tasty Ukrainian finger food!

Don't miss the theater performance "Home/Land" at 17:30h on stage!


Charity Concert

Young talents in action – for
good purpose!

More than 40 highly gifted teenagers from Ukraine, Poland and Germany perform a mixed and moderated classical program, supporting the
C4C Children for Children project and donations for First-Aid-Kits as part of activities for Stop blood in Ukraine!


Questions & Answers

Facts and insights – what you should know about our great European neighbour

Experts with Ukrainian, Polish and German roots will discuss some of the most burning questions about history, presence and values of Ukraine and its relationship to Europe, especially to Poland and Germany.

The experts of this trialogue panel:

Dr. Oksana Seumenicht,

German-Ukrainian Academic Society, UKRAINET

Prof. Dr. Igor Kąkolewski,

Centre for Historical Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Berlin

Dr. Marcin Wiatr,

Leibniz Institute for Educational Media | Georg Eckert Institute (GEI)

Oksana Lustenhouwer,

Freundschaft kennt keine Grenzen

The hybrid panel discussion
will be moderated by
Dr. Hubertus Glaser,
Valfair International and German Society of Health (DEUGE e. V.).

Books, Screens, Talks ...

The Zentrum für Historische Forschung Berlin der Polnischen Akademie der Wissenschaften

and IWEK e. V. will present some very interesting books for school and private use, the Embassy of Ukraine in the Federal Republic of Germany and Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e. V. will provide screens for presentations and videos as well as information material to learn more about Ukraine and get in touch with people.

Valfair Bridge Forum Ukrainian Style & Values 13.09.2022
EUROPA Unsere Geschichte Band 1
Ukrainian finger food
Ukrainische Bücher (IWEK e. V.)

Theatrical Performance

Yuliia Meliksetova and Tanya Kargaeva 
(currently: Zhywtschiki Prime Time Theater)
will create a performance with Ukrainian teenagers during the weekend before the event.

Home/Land: We have left our homes and our country. Now we are setting up our new flats or living as guests and the question about home arises all the time.
Where is my home?
What kind of home do I want it to be?
Is home a building, a country, a family, friends, a loved one?
We’ll explore the notion of home and homeland together with the children and turn our thoughts and feelings into performance art.

As both pedagogues have extensive experience in figurative and puppet theatre, the main focus will be on working with different types of materials, textures and colours.


Probe im Prime Time Theater Foto: Sergei Gavrylov

Home/Land (Yuliia Meliksetova & team)

C4C – Children for Children

Charity Concert

More than 40 young musical talents between the ages of 10 and 23 from the Ukraine, Poland and Germany. The well-known rbb presenter Marek Kalina and the Ukraine-born violin teacher
Zoya Nevgodovska will lead through the varied program.

The concert will open with the Ukrainian
national anthem performed by mezzo-soprano
Olga Caspruk.

The proceeds from donations go towards maintaining the support of young musicians in the Ukraine and the purchase and delivery of first aid kits as part of the humanitarian project “Stop blood in Ukraine”.

C4C charity concert 220504

Foto: HG

Foto: HG

Foto: Gregor Baron

Every euro counts – thank you for your donation!

Donate for C4C – Children for Children and/or First-Aid-Kits (Stop blood in Ukraine)

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See you on 13 September!

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